Tree Planting and Orchard Development Tree Planting and Orchard Development

This project is aimed at implementing reforestation and afforestation to increase forest cover at national level. Additionally, the project deals with orchard development in the country with the purpose of increasing fruit production, poverty reduction and to create an opportunity for industrial development through agro-processing.


Main Activities at hand

Mainly the project involves the production of quality tree seedlings available to the public for sale, support tree planting and other on-farm forestry activities.

The project also deals with the establishment of plantation, woodlots and orchards with the purpose of increasing fruit production and forest cover.

It engages technical support where possible to individual and community groups who have shown interest in tree planting.

Despite the water availability in the country, the Directorate has successfully implemented the tree planting project in some areas and at this point there a need to scale-up plating into green scheme activities and involve more stakeholders. Moreover, DoF foresee that the impact of escalating the tree planting campaign will not only be of direct benefit to communities, but it will also make a significant contribution to sustainable environmental management, by combating land degradation and reduction on greenhouse gas (CO2) emission etc.