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About Community Forestry

Community Forestry is one of the core programmes of the Directorate of Forestry under the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) and is a component of Namibia´s Community-Based Natural Resource Management Programme (CBNRM).

The Community Forestry programme aims at supporting and empowering local communities through transferring rights to manage forest resources in order to benefit from related income and employment opportunities. The programme contributes to Namibia´s national development objectives of poverty reduction, employment creation, economic empowerment and enhanced environmental and ecological sustainability aas outlined in Article 95(I) of the Constitution, Namibia´s Vision 2030 and the National Development Plans. Specific provisions for the participation of local communities in forest management are made in the Namibian Forest Policy, the Forestry Strategic Plan and the Forest Act No. 12, 2001, Sec. 15 (and its 2005 amendment).

The Directorate of Forestry believes that Community Forestry, and CBNRM in general, has a great potential to help communities to achieve their own goals and to gain better control of their resources. This will give them better opportunities to improve their own lives, while simultaneously managing the forests and woodlands in a more sustainable way.

The Community Forestry programme is a key element towards successful and sustainable management of the forest resources.

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Programme Funding

The Community Forestry programme was set up with funding from the German Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau.

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