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Forest Inventory 

The subdivision titled National Forest Inventory (NFI) of the Directorate of Forestry (DoF) under the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) carries out forest resource assessments across Namibia. Forest inventory has a long tradition in the Namibian forestry sector. The prime goal for these inventories is for forest management planning and decision making purpose. Forest inventories are usually carried out in community forests (gazetted and emerging) as well as in state forests upon requests, but it crucial to carry out a national forest inventories.


Our main activities include:

  • Community training on the forest resource data collection methods (forest inventory and GPS techniques)
  • Facilitating on ground forest inventory activities
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Compiling of forest inventory reports

The assessments take into consideration the available forest resources and give estimations of the amount of resource the communities are allowed to harvest over a given period of time in alignment with the management plan.

We engage local communities in forest resource assessments and management because they are the most direct beneficiaries of forest resources. Therefore, by involving them in forest resources management, we equip them with fundamental understanding and skills to manage and utilize forest resource sustainably.

We are based at MAWF head office in Windhoek, 4th floor office numbers 457, 463 and 436. Our telephone number is 061 208 7668/71.